Mt Agung is still very active

Business on the farm is very slow at the moment, much due to the proximity to Mt Agung. The current exclusion zone is 4km from the crater. The farm is much further away than this, about 15 km, but understandably tourists are not too keen on staying that close to an active volcano.

We hope that the mountain will go back to sleep soon, so that we can go back to business as usual here.




Busy summer

We have had a busy summer at the farm, with both tourists and schoolgroups visiting us. Lots of smiles and happy faces, both from the farmers and from the visitors.

We’ve had some issues with crabs in our fishpond, but now have a crabtrap, so hopefully we’ll be able to feed the crab to the fish instead. Also some damage due to heavy rains, but we keep working on fixing it continously.

Many of our trees produce well, and we harvest a lot of fruits that the farmers can benefit from.

Local kids have gotten some new clothes, and SAS brought a football so that there could be played football(or soccer) matches in the fields.

Thanks for your continued support


Summer is coming

Summer is coming, and many travel to Bali for their holidays. The farm is open for visitors now, and if you wish to come visit, please use the contact form, and we will get back to you. Away from the hustle and bustle of southern Bali we can offer traditional Balinese culture in tranquile surroundings. If you are looking for a real taste of Bali, this should be right up your alley.

You can stop by for a meal, get a tour around the farm. In the area you will also find Tirtta ganga,  Pura Lempuyang and many other sights. Hiking in the ricefields is also an option. And of course you can sleep in our traditional bales, on comfortable matresses, surronded by nature.


We welcome you to Side By Side Organic farm


Hi all

Mt Agung is still active, having minor earthquakes and some eruptions of ash, gases and steam. Still no one knows what the future holds, and wether the volcano will quiet down or go for a major eruption. Let’s hope for the first…. The dangerzone is currently set 4 km from the crater, and farm is located about 12 km from the crater.

Farm is slightly affected with some ashfall, but farmers and animals are safe and well for now. Heavy rains are creating mud and landslides, and this of course leads to some damage also on the farm. The farmers are working very hard to keep the farm in good shape, and to keep growing produce there, hoping that we can re-open for visitors soon.




Happy New Year 2018

We wish everyone a very happy new year, hoping that Mt Agung calms down so that life here can return to normal, and the farm can be re- opened for visitors.

Best wishes from all the farmers

Small update

Ketut paid a visit to the farm yesterday, Dec 5th, and luckily most things seem ok.

For now most of the plantation is ok, and so are the animals and farmers. Let’s just hope it stays this way and that Agung goes back to sleep


Minor eruption from Mt Agung

Yesterday Mt Agung had a minor eruption, spewing dark clouds as high up as 700 meters from the crater. There where also reports of some ashfall. Luckily the farm was not affected by any of this, but we are still on high alert. Thanks for all your concern, we really appreciate it.

Mt Agung spewing smoke

Help from Renaissance College in Hong Kong

We just had a visit from a wonderful group of teachers and students from RCHK. Working  on a global concerns project, they came to Bali to donate and plant medicinal herbs and vegetable plants for Side By Side Organic Farm. Because the farm is closed, we had to make a new work site in Sanur. The herbs and plants were planted and brought to the farm by truck. And now the farmers will grow these plants at the farm location in Dhausa. Thanks to everyone involved for all the efforts and hard work put into this.

The group fra RCHK

Galungan is upon us

The 10 day ceremony of Galungan is here, from Nov1st to Nov 11th. The ceremony marks Goods victory over Evil, and all our ancestors’ spirits come to visit.

Here you can see Ketut praying, and also the farms’ penjor.

Ketut praying

The farms’ penjor










Temporary information

Due to the circumstances around Mt Agung and the possible eruption, Ståle in Norway is the contact for this website. It is difficult to reach Pam and Ketut, and they are occupied with more important tasks at the moment. I will answer as best I can, and we all hope that the situation goes back to normal soon.

If you wish to donate money to help Pam and Ketut help others, you can make a bank transfer to me, and I will transfer everything to Bali. We have a fundraiser going in Norway, and will send that money to Bali early December. Account info ;

Stale Corneliussen, 4016 Stavanger, Norway, SWIFT code is  DABAN022, IBAN is NO3081601317303.


Best regards



Side By Side had to be evacuated due to the threat of Mt. Agung erupting. We are all sad beyond belief. As soon as possible, the farm will be open again to visitors, and or volunteers, to help us grow food for those in need. In the meantime, it may prove difficult to contact us. We apologize for that. Thank you for your support.

Best regards from all the farmers